Saturday, November 10, 2007

First off, I'm struck by the ever-present urgency to make this blog as funny or interesting as I can. That's kind of the point, right? I mean, who wants to read some insipid blatherings about the day-to-day? Not that I feel that my life is insipid or blathering, by any means; on the contrary it's quite colorful and exciting and beautiful. Alas, I haven't felt that my skill in humor or slapstick is that potent. I feel much wittier when I have someone else's energy physically present to play with. The computer, while not what I would consider entirely lifeless, is nonetheless of the non-interactive sort.

Anyway. On with the blatherings.

My most personal exciting thing that happened today what that I managed to clean the house for a solid five hours today. WHOA. First off, this is the first time I've really coordinated a full-scale cleaning event at my house, and second off, I actually pulled a lot of it off. This is, like, an incredible accomplishment for me, coming from someone who desires to be wealthy enough for afford maid service once a week. I am thoroughly impressed with myself, while simultaneously disgusted with the amount of dead trees and knickknacks I've managed to accumulate in only 7 months. I want to blame most of the paper nonsense on the grocery circulars and catalogs that I keep finding in my mailbox, but really, it's a bunch of schoolwork that has been lurking about, looking for a home.

Hmm...well I have more to say but not the interest in saying it, so I will call it off now before it's gets too ... something. Later.