Friday, February 27, 2009

2009 Talent Show Spit

Connection, remembered.

a place outside of time and dead lines
a space outside in the cool silence of the night
out there
on the sidewalk surrounded by black woods and cracked cement
the icy stars were watching, twinkling with anticipation
the damp air was holding its breath, fresh and clear between us
My heart met your heart.

like two mirrors facing each other
a candle alight in between us
reflecting into infinity

We beamed infinity at each other
and I noticed these golden somethings, soft and joyful
reach out from our beings and find one another
embracing in between our reflections
the handshake of honest hearts

you said you hoped that i would follow my dream
that it is necessary and essential
to our people
to our children

Your words fell through my ears,
and tumbled down into this space in my heart
Your words became a rusty key
that met a dusty lock
I had kept upon this dream of mine.

A lock, turned over by words
A portal, unlocked by honest reflection
I step through to
move beyond the spaces and places that exist only in thought,
move under the skin of assumption, rubbed raw and exposed
by words
slicing shredding sweeping back to reveal
a golden something that is wordless and wild,
that is truth, exposed
the potential of a dream unlocked by words

The words of my dream say this:

remember the dreams
the ones that seem dangerous and unkempt
the ones vicious and fierce
the ones that seem too big
the ones brimming with wildness and soul
the whole essence beyond words and reason
yells treason throughout the ranks of the mind
remind the mind of its place of service to the soul

Meet the eyes of others
what awaits you when you discover yourself holding a key to
the portal of the another's soul, Humility
is profound and bound to trust and release
whatever you thought you knew about anything
Rise with the swelling tide of ties undone
this is no time to hide, in fact we can't wait for you to come out
and step into the fire with us
we are strong, yet stronger still with
your sacred authenticity by our side

Listen closely for those keys.
Recollect the keys to your hearts, dear ones.
the average was never you
oh black sheep of your time, your day
has come to lead without followers
and to follow the beating of a drum
distant yet distinctly palpable within your chest
fingers to the throat you can feel
the thing that makes all of this worth it.

My dream, unlocked, and now she is here
standing with us
out there
in a place outside of time and dead lines
in a space outside in the cool silence of the night
out there
on the sidewalk surrounded by black woods and cracked cement
where the icy stars were watching, and
the damp air was holding its breath.
My heart met my heart.
And I became connection, remembered.

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SeattlePam said...

Your beautiful words make my heart smile...your beautiful heart brings light to the Earth. Love, Pam